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Laundry Cabinets

Create space and Organise your laundry with a Laundry renovation from Nuline in Melbourne

A well organised, functional and storage rich laundry can make the tedious task of washing, a less frustrating experience. An effective laundry must be comfortable, practical, highly functional and a pleasant place to spend time in. They must be overflowing with storage for linen, towels, washing baskets, detergents and can also include handy features such as laundry shoots and pull out ironing boards.

With a Melbourne laundry renovation and a team of expert renovators from Nuline Cabinets, you can have a streamlined and intuitive laundry room design that will make doing your washing a lot simpler. Our laundry renovations will turn the forgotten room of the house into an easy and productive space.

Call Nuline Cabinets today on 1300 685 463 to speak to the Melbourne laundry renovator team to get your washing done easier and more efficiently, or enquire about any of the other services such as commercial joinery, bathroom restorations, laundry renovations, built in wardrobes and kitchen designs.

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Why choose Nuline’s Laundry Renovation Services?

  • 7 year Guarantee

   We trust our quality craftsman ship and will guarantee it for 7 years

  • Customer Service

   This sets us apart from larger companies. You will receive personalised customer service from start to finish

  • Team of Experts

   Utilise our team of designers, cabinet makers and tradesmen to create your dream Laundry Cabinets

  • Detail Orientated

   We thrive on the details; we pride ourselves on quality kitchens

For more information of Nulines Laundry renovation services in Melbourne, please contact our team on 1300 685 463. Nuline Cabinets are the industry leader in Melbourne for kitchen cabinet manufacturing, bathroom vanities, built in robes and custom commercial joinery.