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Melbourne Kitchen Cabinet Makers
Melbourne Kitchen Cabinet Makers
Melbourne Kitchen Cabinet Makers
Melbourne Kitchen Cabinet Makers

Kitchen Cabinets Melbourne

Nuline Designs and Manufactures new, stylish and functional Kitchen Cabinetry

A kitchen is the heart of the home.  It needs to be functional, space efficient and either blend in with the rest of your houses aesthetics or alternatively, make a bold statement. Investing in a quality crafted Nuline kitchen will not only improve the functionality and organisation of your house, but add to its value.


Nuline Cabinets expert craftsmen and designer’s custom make kitchens to suit any style, from ultra-modern, contemporary to country classics. Our team of manufactures and designers understand the importance of layout, storage options, material choice and the importance of adding your own personal touch.

Before your Nuline Cabinets kitchen designers embark upon creating your new kitchen, it is important to start clarifying your kitchen vision. Think about the following;

  • Kitchen shapes suitable for the space in your home, e.g. L, U, galleys, etc.
  • Colours that work well with your home
  • Cupboard space needed
  • Fridge, dishwasher and oven sizes that you will need to accommodate for
  • Finishes that suit your home, e.g. High gloss, granite, stone, timber, marble, vinyl, etc.
  • Your preference in appliances, taps and sinks
  • Examples/images of finishes, fittings and layouts that you prefer

What our clients say

What you can expect from our specialist services

We come out to your home for a complimentary on-site inspection, to measure and discuss the concept in detail for your new kitchen.

A preliminary plan is made, complete with a full brief on your project. All your new kitchen design specifications are then put into our specialised computer software for an accurate, virtual 3D snap shot. You’ll actually see your kitchen finished before it’s been built!

Discuss quotes and different options to suit your home with our industry professionals at Nuline Cabinets and then we can get started on the transformation of your kitchen!

Nuline Cabinets also specialises in commercial joinerylaundry renovationsbuilt in wardrobes and more.