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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do glass splashbacks

A: No but we will give you a contact for glass splashbacks.

Q: What do bench tops cost?

A: All depends, what top are you after? Laminate is least expensive you then have the option of stone’s (Recon, Granite, Marbel) but it all needs to be priced per meter.

Q: Can you tell me about timber doors?

A: Timber is a natural product. Its colour and grain can vary between each door depending on material, finished in 2 pac clear.

Q: Can you tell me about 2 pac paint finish?

A: Wide range of colours and styles available, hardener and colours are mixed to achieve a tough finish.

Q: is 2 Pack as durable as vinyl?

A: no, being a painted finish it can scratch and chip easier but being paint it can be repaired.

Q: Timber Veneer?

A: Timber Veneer will give you the timber finish without costing the price of a solid timber door but remembering you can’t get the carved doors like you can with solid timber.

Q: What’s so good about vinyl?

A: Made from 18mm moisture resistant MDF and has a great vinyl durable surface comes in a great variety of colours and designs, fantastic when it comes to durability doesn’t chip or scratch very easy.

Q: Laminate doors?

A: Affordable price, great range of colours and surface finishes ,Texture ,matt

, sheen and all doors and panels have 1mm edging ABS edging.

Q: Kitchen Cabinets?

A: All kitchen cabinets are made out of 16mm moisture resitant white board with 1mm abs edging , all cabinets also have 16mm solid back.

Q: What is HMR?

A: HMR is moisture resistant white board, if there is a spill the board does not swell and its easily wiped up.

Q: Laminate Benchtop?

A: Different styled edge profile’s plenty of colurs, 33mm thick very durable and well priced.

Q: Tell me about recon stone?

A: Recon stone is fantastic very strong can come in a variety of thickness’s very little maintenance required cleans up well with soapy water or a little bit of metho and water scratch resistant and heat resistant heaps of colours quite abit more expensive than laminate but priced well for a stone product compared to Marble and granite.

Reception Question and answers

Q: Do you have any brochures of your kitchen?

A: You can go to our website, there are a few kitchen’s to have a look at, otherwise you can come into our showroom and we can talk you through the different styles and options you can have.

Q: Whats the difference between vinyl and laminate? Lots of clients

A: Laminate, although quite a good product, depending on the colour you can see the line were the edging meets unlike a vinyl product which is completely wrapped over the ends plus it’s a lot more durable, even though the price difference is not a whole lot. In saying that laminate products have come along way and are still a great product if you want to be conservative on price.

Q: What is your lead time?

A: Depending how busy we are you are looking at about 4-5 weeks for laminate and vinyl and 6-7 for painted veneer and timber.

Q: What is the difference between ball bearing and Blum?

A: The Blum runners are the top of range, can’t really better than these there are a few different types you can get. Ball bearing are still a great runner they come with a white melamine box as the drawer as the blum product is a steal draw.

Q: Does it cost anything for a measure and quote?

A: No it is completely free, our project coordernaters will even talk youy through ideas to get started.

Q: Is the quote for supply only or do you install?

A: we quote on supply and install of joinery, if you would like us to supply and deliver only that won’t be a drama and we can organise that.

Q: Do you have ready made vanitys and kitchens?

A: No we custom make joinery. Occasionally we might have an ex display that we can get rid of fairly cheap but rarely.

-In house salary installers, fully qualified Cabinet makers within the Nuline team.

- In house customer service single project manager assigned to each job to attend to your every need.

-Production time

Laminate Kitchen: 3-4 weeks

Vinyl Kitchen: 4-5 weeks

Painted, veneer and timber: 6-7 weeks

-Fitting of stone tops is approx. 10 days after the install of the kitchen.

Cabinetry Materials:

When you’re considering new kitchen cabinets, one of the biggest decisions is your choice of materials and finish. You may know exactly what you want — maybe you fell in love with the timber doors in a friend’s kitchen, or maybe you’ve wanted sleek modern vinyl cabinets since you saw a picture in a magazine. Or you may be undecided? We at Nuline stretch to extra limits to make sure your decision and production process is as smooth and stress-less as possible!

We have taken out the time of your research to match what suits and what pleases your sense of style and usage for the most important room to your home…..

Laminates – (Suppliers websites to refer to colour ranges: & )

Laminates are actually made from many layers of a special kind of paper that are compressed under conditions of heat and pressure to form a single “sheet” of laminate. The top layer is a decorative paper that is either a color, plain in design, or has a pattern, for example a wood grain pattern that imitates real wood. The laminate is sealed with a protective plastic-type clear finish which is then applied to the solid surface of structure with a strong adhesive.


* Extensive Colour, Pattern & Texture Range

* Affordability

* Durability

* All Laminated doors and panels are edged in 1mm or 2mm ABS edging; ABS High quality thermoplastic is high in impact resistance edging. Edging is applied to the around seen areas on doors and panels to create a clean cut finish.

* Laminate material can be used with any design style cabinetry.

* Easy to Clean and Maintain

* Widely Available

Vinyl – (Suppliers website to colour ranges:

Vinyl Wrap (Thermoformed or Vacuum Wrapped) is the most popular material used in Kitchen Doors and Drawers today, due to its flush edges, availability, large range of colours and cost. To describe vinyl the best way imaginable it is a skin like coating wrapped around the structure being a door or draw, edgings of the Doors are all completely sealed by the Vinyl wrapping around -This gives the door a ‘seamless’ look and also means that you could have a profile finish on the Face and Edge; the rear of this door is standard White Laminate.


* High resistance to impact and chipping

* Sleek finish

* Large variety of colours and patterns

* Immaculate styles and designs

* Cleaning is easy, with a sponge (non-scouring) using warm water

Createc – (Suppliers website to colour range:

Createc is a new and exciting range exclusive to one of Nuline suppliers Polytec. Createc’s UV cured high gloss finish gives your kitchen a sleek modern shine leaving your visitors with a lasting impression. With Createc it is supplied in a pre-finished form, a high quality laminate board is sprayed with a high intense 100% Ultra clear gloss giving your cupboards an extra shine and mirror reflection. 1mm edging is them applied to the sides of all doors, draws and panels leaving a clean and neat finish


* Modern Colour Pallet, including few timber prints

* Sleek finish

* Unique

* Latest trends

* High quality

* 100% Gloss finish

* Mirror reflection

* Cleaning is easy, with a sponge (non-scouring) using warm water

Veeners –

Veener is a thin covering that is applied to cabinet doors and frames by joining three very thin layers of wood. The top layer is usually composed by extracting thin sections from quality woods such as Oak and Cherry leaving a quality finish product without the price tag of solid timber cabinetry. The Veener is applied to the cabinets with the use of strong glue that will not weaken even when exposed to a great deal of heat. Underlying layers provide the facing with stability, making it much easier to apply the veneer to the surface of an object.


* Reconstructed Timer

* Environmentally Friendly

* Even Colour and Grain Pattern

* Available in many colours and patterns

* No unexpected knots, splits or discolouration

* Range: Standard Timer colourings to a wide variety of New Age Colours


Traditional Timber doors are a common aesthetic look that is ever lasting to any home. Available in many colour stains, profiles and grains there are endless results you are able to achieve to your design. Timber is a solid material and lasts for many years; the timber you require can be stained or glossed to achieve the desired look you are after, remembering with timber due to it is a natural product characteristics do alter throughout each panel; being colourisation, grain and knots.


* Classic everlasting style

* Solid

* Durable

* Finished with the highest quality of clear coating

* Wide variety styles of door profiles (Profiles: are the architectural groves steping into or out of a flat internal panel) * Natural material

2-Pac Painted –

2 Pac polyurethane is automotive grade paint, where doors and draws are sprayed front and all 4 sides (Generally not the back). You are able to have any solid colour, any profile and a choice of

Finishes – textured, satin or high gloss. The 2Pac finish is easy to clean and can be easily be re-placed or repaired.


* High Quality finish

* Endless colours

* Variety of door designs and styles

* Sleek, sharp, clean

* Endless results! (Your imagination is your limitation)

* Gloss Levels: Matt 30%, Satin 60%, Gloss 100%

Kitchen Carcasses

All of Nulines Carcasses are made from a high quality material called melamine. Melamine is a unique white-in-color chemical formulation; it helps prevent damage by chemicals and gives it impact resistance.


Benchtops are a very important component with finishing your kitchen. Benchtops play such an important part to aesthetically pleasing to ones designs and individual durability needs; and with many materials, colours and textures your options are endless. Benchtops are the most high volume traffic taken structure within your home, so special consideration does need to be taken when selecting. Not only do you need to think about the aesthetic wants but the suitable needs. Please read through a brief description on the most popular materials used in this day and age for Kitchen benchtops…

Laminate is one of the most popular materials used when it comes to Kitchen Bench tops. Not only being in the lower price bracket there is also an endless selection of colours, styles and textures. It can even emulate other materials such as natural stone & timber. You will also need to take into consideration the edge profile of your benchtop. Not many people are aware that this decision can be a crucial one as this also does play a part in the aesthetic style you want. With Laminate there are a few options available; please view image below

Reconstituted Stone “Engineered Stone”

The advantage of reconstituted stone is that it’s less expensive than the real thing. Because it’s not completely natural, reconstituted stone is available in a wide variety of finishes and colours, which is great if you have a very specific scheme in mind.

Reconstituted stone contains more than 90%–95% of natural granulates and 5%–10% combined bonding agents, special additives and pigments. These components make it an extremely hard wearing, practical and highly versatile; which is virtually non-porous, resists scratching and chipping, is high impact and stain resistant. Other ground aggregates such as stones, mirror flecks, coloured glass and shells are also added to some batches, and combine the strength and durability of composite materials with the elegance of natural stone. With re-constituted stone colour and finish isn’t at risk of fading or discolouring when exposed to sunlight or wear and tear.

When choosing your stone you will also need to take into consideration the edge profile of your benchtop. Not many people are aware that this decision can be a crucial one as this also does play a part in the aesthetic style you want. With reconstituted stone there are endless styles available; please view just a few options available

Natural Stone – Granite/Marble

Natural stone is a worldwide product which has been used for centuries and centuries dating back to ancient Egyptian and Roman times and has continued to be used in today’s everyday lifestyle, being applied to kitchen and bathrooms. It is remarkable to see such a versatile product is still being pulled out from literally underneath us in solid forms; which is then cut and polished to give you a little piece of your own art work and history in your home! The difference between Granite & Marble is the minerals and heat factor applied to it on its creation in the earth’s surface; they are both as equally natural and both receive the same treatment in being formed to what you see in your daily life… With natural stones, being as it is ‘natural’ colour variations and patterns are unique to each slab treated; so to know what exactly you will be receiving people do prefer to see there specify slab used prior to the fabrication process…


Granite’s rich colours and density make it an ideal selection for kitchen, vanities, reception, counter, bar tops, staircases, as well as exterior applications. With many patterns and colours available this makes granite the most versatile and trendy of all stones. It is also a very low-maintenance stone. Granite is composed of quartz, feldspars, micas and other minerals. These minerals contribute to the colour and texture of the granite stones. Granites get their wonderful variety of colours and patterns from minerals that have been melted into the liquid mass as it is formed.

FACT: Granite is the second hardest stone next to diamonds.


Marble stone consist of limestone that has been formed and endured mass heat and pressure. The transformation process takes place when the weight of overlying material pressure from crystal collisions and heat from the earth’s core generate temperatures in excess of 1800°F. The texture of marble depends on the form, size and uniformity of grains while the element components of marble determine the colour of the stone.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an iron-carbon alloy, and it does not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel. This is one of the most major reasons why stainless steel is so preferred for use in the kitchen, particularly for countertops. Not only is it durable its aesthetic appeal in chic, contemporary styled homes